The ideal benefit of a leg wedge pillow is to provide you with better sleep and comfort after a long day's work. While this is the most common benefit, below mentioned are a few other wedge benefits you can enjoy with:

  1. ENSURES IMPROVED BLOOD CIRCULATION: by elevating the legs above the heart
  2. REDUCES STRESS IN THE LOWER BACK: of your body to relax your body completely
  3. PROVIDES PROPER ALIGNMENT TO PELVIS: helping relieve pressure from hip joints, knees, and ankle
  4. HELPS TO GET RID OF MORNING BACK PAIN: to rejuvenate and refresh your body every morning
  5. ELEVATES AND PROVIDE SUPPORT FOR LEGS: to relieve stress, muscle cramps, and swelling in the foot
  6. RELIEVES YOU FROM THE DISCOMFORT AND PAIN: Due To Varicose Veins And Knee Replacement/ Surgery
  7. PEOPLE SUFFERING FROM LYMPH-EDEMA AND PREGNANCY DISCOMFORT FIND THESE VERY USEFUL: as these are ergonomically designed to help relieve pressure and strain on the hips, knees, ankles, and lower back.

Made Up Of High-Grade Durable Polyurethane Foam, This Pillow Is Made In India And It Comes With A Removable Machine-Washable Pillow Cover To Help You Clean The Pillow.