Wedges Triangle Pillows

Wedges Triangle Pillows are Special triangle shaped pillows that raise the top half of your Body while you sleep. The goal is to help you rest easier, but they also can ease some health issues. We are a professional manufacturing and retail integration company. Since we entered the field of amazon, we attach great importance to the buyer's experience and have never stopped to research and improve the process and quality of the product. Our goal is to provide quality products to as many people as possible, and we wish everyone can afford the most comfortable items. RELIEF WHILE YOU REST By elevating the head and upper body with a firm and supportive surface, our bed wedge pillow alleviates neck & back pain caused by lumpy pillows and poor spinal alignment. Use it to relieve symptoms of GERDacid reflux, heartburn, snoring, allergies, and congestion while you sleep. Flip the pillow upright for a comfortable seated position while reading in bed, working on your laptop, or watching TV.