Why Snorinz C- Neck Pillow

  • Premium Memory Foam - SnoringZ Travel Pillows have a filling of 100% premium Memory Foam. Our memory foam neck pillow is sturdy enough to provide support to your head and keep it in position. The neck pillow provides a true body fit and moulds according to the shape of your head and neck for maximum comfort.
  • Ergonomic Shape with added Neck Hump - SnoringZ neck pillow for travel has an ergonomic shape & adjusts itself according to the shape of your neck and head to provide optimum cushion and pain relief . The neck pillow memory foam also has an added neck hump to provide unparalleled 360 degree support to your head while you sleep.
  • Velvet touch washable fabric with hidden zipper - The cover on SnoringZ neck pillow for travel memory foam is made from premium soft touch fabric which feels smooth like velvet and can be used for hours while traveling or at home. The cover can be easily removed and cleaned. It comes with a smooth concealed zipper.
  • Lightweight with snap button & additional hook - SnoringZ travel neck pillow & eye mask combo comes with a snap button at the front to fasten it and keep it securely around your neck while you relax. The travel neck pillow also comes with an additional sturdy hook which you can be used to hang the pillow onto bags, suitcases, seats etc. It is a must have travel essentials for travelling in a car, bus, flight, aeroplane or relaxing on chair or seat in your home, office, vacation etc.
  • Vibrant Designs - Say bye bye to boring colors. SnoringZ neck pillow come in a variety of vibrant and exciting designs which are suitable for men, women, and kids of all ages. Now you can travel in style and stay comfortable. This pillow is an ideal gift and the perfect travel accessory for men and women.
  • High-Quality COVER – This memory foam travel neck support pillow comes with a hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant High-Quality cover. This cover is naturally antimicrobial and resistant to allergens which keeps this pillow free from bacteria. You can also wash this cover as it is easily removable
  • VERSATILE USE – Because of its compact design; it can be easily carried anytime anywhere. Napping while traveling becomes easy while carrying this pillow. It can be taken in airplanes, cars, and buses for a comfortable sleep during the journey. It measures only 11 x 12 x 5 inches.   
  • MEMORY FOAM – The memory foam in this travel pillow, which provides support, is crafted to help you relax your neck muscles while resting. It adjusts according to the shape of your neck and stays that way for optimum comfort.